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Key Benefits

The list of benefits that you receive from Highspeed Internet access goes on and on! Here are just a few...
  • free up your phone line -- wireless technology never ties up your line, so you are always on, and always fast!
  • highspeed web surfing -- stop waiting for your web pages to load on satellite or dial-up...sign up now and enjoy instant access to your favourite sites!
  • send and receive large e-mail attachments, photos and messages -- waiting forever for large pictures and documents to download? Not anymore! Attachments download in an instant with highspeed access.
  • online gaming (Xbox,Wii,PS3,PSP) -- Use your wireless Highspeed Internet access at your home or cottage and hookup your Xbox, Wii, PS3, PSP for dynamic highspeed gaming!
  • video-conferencing -- use a webcam and microphone to talk live, face-to-face with your friends and colleagues from your cottage, home or business
  • remote desktop (control your office computer from home or the cottage) -- forget something at work? No problem! Use Highspeed Internet access to work from anywhere...
  • online distance education -- take online courses using your computer and a highspeed connection! Don't drive to school, let school come to you!
  • e-health services -- remote diagnostics for communities without access to major health centres... setup wireless Highspeed Internet in your local clinic and gain access to specialists never available before!
  • Voice over IP -- use the Internet as your phone line, with any area code you want! Eliminate long-distance fees at the cottage with a local phone number back home!